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Tony's Reflection June 21st

Seek the Lord while he may be found

Isaiah 55 v 6



Chapter 55 of Isaiah opens with an invitation. An invitation to engage with God and find something of lasting value. It paints a glorious picture for those who respond. But then comes this verse and the challenge it contains. In today’s world there is the temptation to think that everything will last and God is easily available, but the warning of this verse is that circumstances may change, indeed the listener themselves may change and that will mean that it will be harder to discover God in the new circumstances and the changed perspective of the listener.


It goes on to say that God has an entirely different perspective to us and it would be foolish to think otherwise.


We need to make sure we make the most of the opportunities to seek the Lord while we can, it may be that it will be harder to find him if we choose to ignore those opportunities now.


The pandemic may in some strange way have been a good opportunity to seek the Lord, but as things head slowly back to the new normal it is entirely possible that we will not have taken the chances we had, and will miss out on a closer relationship with God.


God our Father, help us to seek you with our whole heart, and find the goodness of God in our daily lives.