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Martha's Reflection

for week beginning 12th April

Jesus said to them, “Children, have you any fish”?  They answered him, “No”.  He said to them, “Cast the net on the other side of the boat, and you will find some”.         John 21:5-6

            Life on the other side of Easter is a strange thing.  It is tempting to go back to where we were, and what we were, and what we were doing before Easter came along and interrupted us with all its glory and power and transformation.  Who can sustain that level of joy and energy?

            The first disciples faced a similar question.  In the immediate aftermath of the first Easter their impulse was to get back to normal, back to what they had been before.  So Peter and his companions go fishing, but after a long night they have nothing to show for their labours – that is, until Jesus shows up and tells them to “cast the net on the other side”.  This encounter leads to a net full to overflowing, and the transformation of these fishermen into joyful witnesses of Christ in the world – the community of the faithful of which we are the heirs.

            If you want to experience life on the other side, try responding to the invitation of Jesus Christ:  “Cast your nets on the other side”, and let him fill them with new possibilities, freedom from the old routines of what you have always done and such an abundance of joy that your lives can hardly contain it.

Lord God, we pray that you may open our hearts, guide our minds and fill the nets of our imaginations, that we may dedicate our lives to your service and gladly work to bring your message of joy, peace and love to all whom we encounter.  Amen.


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