St John the evangelist

wotton, surrey

in the heart

of the surrey hills

Tony's Reflection

for week beginning 10th May

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some would understand slowness..

2 Peter 3 v9


This verse is a good reminder to us of how easy it is to make the mistake that  God sees things the way we do. Peter has already reminded his readers that the Psalmist had a better understanding when he wrote that “a thousand years are but a day in his sight”.


Taking the long view often feels like a waste of time, “live in the moment” is a popular mantra, and while that definitely has its place, it can lead to knee jerk reactions which lack perspective.


Isaiah also reminded the people of God  that their ways were not God’s ways, and their thoughts were not God’s thoughts. But he also reminded them that God accomplishes what He desires.


So if you feel that God is distant, or that He is slow in responding remember that maybe your understanding of slowness may need readjusting.


Lord, help us to see that your way of doing things may not always be our way, and give us grace to surrender to your sovereignty in all things.